Information about Loved Lots



When Meg and Ray Powell found out they were expecting their daughter Eloise, "research" became the name of the game.  From birth, to diapers, to nutrition and baby products they dove in deep.  As most parents, they wanted nothing but the best for their new baby girl. They set out to provide their daughter with the highest quality products, while also being environmentally conscious.

The problem: High quality baby products are expensive and, as they would soon learn, these little ones grow fast, needing something new every few months! When Eloise was about 6 months old, Meg began looking into the secondhand market for larger things, such as strollers and cribs. She found that there was no single place to find the premium products that she desired that was both safe and easy to use. So, Ray and Meg set out to build that space. 

Now, with Loved Lots, you can search or sell premium pre-loved baby gear in one safe and easy to use space.  Not only will you find your favorite top-of-the-line baby brands for a fraction of the cost, you will also help our environment by creating a longer lifespan for these much loved products. 

Our philosophy: we love our babes, we love their gear, and we love the planet our little ones will grow up on. Why not spread the love by buying and selling pre-loved baby goods! In this spirit, Loved Lots also donates a portion of profits from each sale to help other children and families in need.